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2 Jan

Well the day is about done, it's been slow but ok. There's been seven cars in which were all scrap and a few vans, tyres were ok. I'm still not sure what day it is and will be glad to get this week out the way, not sure if I'm coming or going! The lorry is loaded for the morning and I'm going home now as I need some proper sleep!

3 Jan

Friday is done. I needed a boat to get here this morning in the rain! Just call me 'Johnny two showers' ha ha! ...but onwards and upwards. It's not been a bad day again with four vans in, two of which were export and two scrap. It's been a good day on tyres and we had a few people in looking. The lorry is loaded for the morning. I'll get a beer on the way home and stop at the the chippy... just fancy a piece of fish and no chips!

4 Jan

What a day it's been, more rain and it's soaking again but that's what it's all about I guess! We had a lot on today; six vans in plus four cars, all scrap. Also had a few on vans which look hopeful, but tyres have been slow... due to the weather I think. I'm going home now to dry out and then we will see what the night brings... I'm feeling hungry!

6 Jan

That's Monday over! It's been a hard day again and nothing would go right, but no rain... mmm. We had five cars in and two vans, all scrap! Tyres have been fair today and there were a few people looking, also have a bit of export container booked for Friday and so it seems things are getting back to normal. It's been a trying day but whats new!? Going home now for an early night... feeling exhausted!

7 Jan

That's Tuesday over, you know when you get out of bed and think 'I should stop here'!? Well, that was how I felt and I was not wrong! Today went from one pain to another... but the customer is always right... mmm. Had four cars in and one van, all scrap. Some guys came in looking at engines and will be back tomorrow hopefully. Got an MOT in, it was a Y reg Transit SWB, nice van! I'll paint and sell it, it will do someone some good! The lorry is loaded for the morning and I'm going home to have chicken for tea. 

8 Jan

Well that's that day done! Nothing happing except at two O'Clock every man and his dog were here all looking for something and nothing, but I stay hopeful. We had five cars in export, three vans for scrap and the lorry is loaded for morning. Tyres were slow and would you believe it... it's raining hard for a change! just in time for home time! The guys from yesterday never made it back in, now there's a surprise! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

9 Jan

Well well it's Thursday already! Where has the week gone? It's not been a bad day; there were a few people about and I sold a daf lf engine... it was a nice one, but there's a rush now to get things out for the morning when the container arrives. Had four cars in and two vans, all spares and tyres were slow. The lorry is loaded for the morning. We haven't had any guys back in from Tuesday, mmm...now there's a thing ha ha! Also there hasn't been any rain today! I have a nice IT 25 camper in for sale on ebay that's worth a look! I'm off home soon for an early night again... roll on light nights!

10 Jan

It's been a good start already today; went to the dentist, which I hate and got there late, as is the norm, just to be told the appointment was Thursday, ouch! I then left my paper work at home!... So all in all I'm doing well! However, those guys from Tuesday turned up and the container is here so it's onwards and upwards I think! Had four cars in and one van, all breakers. Tyres have been ok and got a few booked in for tomorrow so we'll see. I'm going for well earned beer and a takeaway I think. The doors are locked and it's time to chill, I've had it with today — feeling exhausted!

11 Jan

That's Saturday done! The container got loaded in record time, everything went in well for a change. The lorry is loaded, I've been out and collected four cars myself ...happy days! It was nice to get out and about, but the phones are going mad! I won't knock it though, it's looking promising! Had some people in looking at vans who have gone away to think. I think I upset one guy today; he had tyres fitted yesterday and today said he didn't like them, asked me to take them off and put old ones back on! We said sorry but no...and what was said next made me blush! In the end we sorted it out. All in all we had five cars in and two vans, half were export and rest scrap. I'll have a night in tonight, got an early start in the morning as I'm off to Bristol to look at a lorry...mmm nice or sad? ha ha!

13 Jan

I just got though today (Monday) and now it's raining! Had six cars in, two export and the rest scrap. There were a few people about but slow on tyres ...a no no to day! The lorry is loaded for the morning. I just want to go home, had a hard day yesterday and need my sleep!

14 Jan

That's Tuesday done. It's been a slow day, but we had eight cars in, all scrap, as well as three old transit vans, the engines for export and the rest scrap. The container is booked for Friday, it might be a bit of a rush but they'll be ready! The lorry is loaded for the morning; two loads! Apart from that it's all done and it's home early for me. The plasterer is coming tomorrow and I'll be glad to get the ceiling done, the room has about dried out now...happy days! Early start in morning — feeling tired!

15 Jan

Wednesday over! It's just been an all-down-hill day again- six cars in, all scrap, and one van export. The plasterer is at home tomorrow now and I've got the dentist in the morning... got the date right this time! In addition, I have a cold and am feeling sorry for myself, ha ha! It's been a slow day but got lots done, I'm about ready for the container and tyres were ok. I'll be off home soon to watch footy and have a small dram of what does you good!

16 Jan

Here we are again, Thursday! Where has the week gone!? It's that day again tomorrow... ouch! Had a few mail orders this week, it's been quiet on that front for while. We had six cars in, two export for scrap and two vans. Tyres were slow but we had lots of phone calls, hopefully it will create some business. The lorry is loaded but it was slow going. I'm off home now, the plastering is finally done at last and now it's time to clean up and get back to normal. Alarm went off this morning at three am, that was....mmm.

17 Jan

We'll that's Friday done, what a slow day! There were no people in but I am about ready for loading container which has arrived. We had five cars and two vans in, all scrap. The lorry is loaded for the morning and that's that. I'm off home early for some clean up time now that the ceiling is done. There's plaster everywhere but it's looking good now. I've got to get new lights put up which I've booked for Wednesday... happy days! Just seen a few guys at the door... I wonder what they want?!

18 Jan

So Saturdays still here... It looks like there's another hour still to go. The container is loading, although it's playing up and wont go right, but it's getting there! Had just two cars in today, both scrap and tyres were ok. We had someone turn up regarding something I put on ebay, at least that's one out of three...ha ha! Some other guys came in looking at tyres, I'm hopeful but we will see. Had a few other people looking at vans but decided they needed to go home to 'ask the wife', ha ha I wish! It's also been a dry-ish day weather wise and the lorry is loaded for Monday. There have been a few collections in so lets hope its a better week ahead. I'm going for beer on the way home and then a curry with my twenty five pounds and twenty pence lotto win!... mmm, so close yet so far! I'll do some work tomorrow for a few hours.

20 Jan

That's Monday about done. The container has gone. We had three cars in scrap, one transit SWB Y reg for spares and one discovery for spares. We also had another ebay person turn up which is looking good and then we sold a Renault master engine. It's also been a good tyre day! will it last? ha ha, think positive! The lorry is loaded for Monday. It's been a bit of a funny day with people saying one thing and changing there minds, but we'll get there in the end! I had a hard day yesterday so it's home and to bed early as I need to catch up on my sleep.

21 Jan

Tuesday is over! I'm feeling cold brrr brrr! It not been a bad day with two loads in! We had seven cars and two vans, all scrap. One guy brought in eight engines, two cars and a few other bits to help the job along! Tyres were ok and lorry is loaded for the morning. It's home early again for me and I've now had new lights fitted in kitchen after my flood so I should be able to see again! I'm getting there at last!

22 Jan

Well that's another day done and it's not been a bad day. The sun has been shining and there have been a few people about. One guy wanted breaking for his trailer by next week so I've been looking for bits for him. We had five cars in, one export and the rest scrap, there was also one van for spares. I sold a man an axle and have to get it delivered to Newton Acliffe, County Duram, it shouldn't be a problem. Tyres have been slow but lorry is loaded for the morning and it looks like there'll be a lot on tomorrow! I'm off home early again, I had another light fitted and also got a new kitchen table....no sure about it, we will see! What a jolly life we lead! I feel a little drinky coming on!

23 Jan

All I have to say about today is yuk yuk! Every thing went pear shaped and nothings going right...don't even want to go there! and it's Friday again tomorrow, where has the week gone?! We had three cars and three vans in for breaking. The container is booked for tomorrow...but are we ready? I do hope so! We had a few of the same guys in again saying 'yes' and then 'no' and 'we'll come back'. The lorry is loaded for morning, I hope to have two loads. That's it, I'm off home to think, ha ha!... I've lost it today! 

24 Jan

That's it, Fridays done! Had the men at door again to wish me a good weekend, ha ha! What a day it's been! Had a few guys in who were hard work but got there in the end, mmm! The container is here and ready for morning, most of the parts are ready but I'll just need an hour in the morning to have it all finished. We had four cars in today, one export and the rest scrap, also had one van for scrap. Had two loads in which was a rush but we got there and now we're all loaded for morning. Now it's raining, it's been one of those weeks again!...will I ever catch up? I'll have one small beer and a curry on the way home to get nice and ready for the early start in morning.

25 Jan

We'll I'm still here. There's just one more car for the container and then all is done. All in all it's not been a bad day, I got a lot done and I've even been out in the lorry to Wellingborough to collect a LDV convoy which is good for spares. Also went to Betford to change a wheel on a horse box. There were a few people in looking at vans and a few others, mostly lookers but ok. Tyres were slow but had ten cars in today, two for export and rest scrap. The lorry is loaded for Monday morning but I got wet in the rain/ hail again and I think I am going rusty! I'm off out tonight, I hope, in Leamington for a few beers and then who knows. It's work again tomorrow but not to early!

27 Jan

That's Monday done and it's not been too bad, but not a lot happing. There's been a few lookers in so I'm still hopeful. The container is gone and we had three cars to strip ready for Friday loading. Also had two cars and one van in scrap. The accounts man was in all day doing the books, mmm! Tyres were ok today and the lorry is loaded for morning....so that's it for today, had a hard day yesterday so it's an early night for me...my bed is calling!

28 Jan

What a day again! I've got wet feet! In fact I'm wet all over and to cap it all there's not a lot of people about. We've had five cars and two vans in scrap and tyres were slow. The lorry is loaded for morning and it's time for home, a hot shower and hot toddy!

29 Jan

So that's the day about over! It's been cold and wet again but we won't talk about that. There's been a lot on today and a few people about and it feels like I got a lot done. We had four cars in, all scrap and one van for sales. I also took an 04 plate, Peugeot boxer for an MOT and it passed Ok, it's got low mileage...a nice van! The lorry is loaded for morning and that's it, another fast fun day over. I feel a drinky coming on... it's getting to be a bit of a habit again, mmm. Then again, you only live once, ha ha! 

30 Jan

It looks like it's going to be another late night, some guys are here loading and it's Thursday again!... It comes round too quick, mmm. It hasn't been a bad day with five cars in and one drop side pick up, which I'll sell the long back on. Had stress with the lorry this morning which wouldn't tip. This all happened before seven and then the sensor also broke on the arm! I need to go to the doctors for more blood pressure tablets, ha ha! Tyres were ok today and the lorry is now loaded, we have two loads tomorrow. I'm off to Coventry to look at a lorry and then it's home time. It looks like the chippy for me tonight....not good! — feeling guilty.

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