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16 April

Thats it day done! We've had eight cars in for export and spares and four vans, all spares. It's been slow in the yard today but still managed two loads before ten. Tyres also slow. Had some guys in trying to make off with a tow hitch without paying! I made them open their van and there it was!… then it all started and now one of my workers has a black eye, I wonder why we won't deal with them?… mmm. That's it, been feeling rough so home to sleep it off.

17 April

That's my day done, going home now as I think I have man flu or something! Feeling sick.

18 April

Well the golden eagle is here again, it comes round two quick! We're half way though the month again. Today has not been a bad day, we had a lot in this morning but then slow... every body is in the holiday mood. We had five cars in today and ten yesterday, mostly spares, tyres were also slow but ok. Had a few regular customers in but they still have short arms long pockets. Also had a few ebay people turn up which made the day alright. I'm still feeling rough so i'm going home to bed... wo is me! ha ha.

19 April

That's it, Saturday at the office is over! Had a few people about and tyres were ok. Also had six cars in, half scrap and half export and one smiley transit with 92 .000 miles on the clock, its a shame as it has a good engine. The lorry is loaded for Tuesday and it had a good service with a good greasing., mmm nice... ha ha, I'm sure I'm losing it! It's this man flu, not had a drink for a week!… that could be why I'm shaking. Home now early to lock the door and just chill... been one of them weeks again.

20 April

Well today I had day in just chilling. I made my self a Caesar salad and chips, mmm. Also had a few glasses of fahors melbec, was feeling rough and had to have a few to see if it was that bad… hic hic, ha ha. Now i'll have some cheesecake and brandy coffee and put the footy on. I'm happy and although it's raining who cares! Sorry to all the missed calls i've had but I need my brain back, am still struggling with man flu and going hot and cold all day, but might have just about drowned it… feeling a bit better.

22 April

Well that's that day done. We managed to get two loads in, four cars and one van and tyres were ok, but it's been slow. I'm about finished for the day, still feeling rough so am going home now to get my head down and we will see. I've got new pills from the doctor so who knows! The footy is on again so should be ok, will lock the door and put my feet up... can in hand, mmm.

24 April

Thursday is done and it's been the day from hell again. I must have stepped on something in a former life, ha ha!… truck has broken down just to add to it all. We've had a few people about although tyres have been slow. The container is booked for tomorrow but not yet ready. We sold a few bits but not much to shout about. Had two lorries in as well as one man and one Renault prem, but not sure what to do with them. Also had ten cars in and two vans but I haven't looked at them yet.

25 April

Well that's Friday about done. The container is here and about ready for morning, but it's raining hard and it's been a slow day again. I think people are still on holiday... I wish, mmm! We sold a few bits and had some lookers on vans so I'll stay hopeful. It's been a hard week again, four days and i'm just feeling ok, might try a beer tonight on the way home, but I'm feeling a bit wet. The lorry is loaded for morning and i've got men at door again, comes round too quick! Happy days!... early start in the morning.

26 April

That's Saturday done. We had a problem with the container; two cars short but got there in the end and now it's all loaded and ready to go to Lagos Nigeria. Had a lot on today again, there was a few people about and tyres were good. Also had ten cars and vans in, some export and some scrap or spares. The lorry is loaded for Monday and van sales look hopeful. Earlier we had a few guys in who bought transit legs to put in small car… ouch, heavy or what?! ...but the customer knows best! Also had a few others buying van springs and lights for LDV. That's it, i'm off now for a few at Birmingham Broad Street.

28 April

Monday went as good as Mondays can go and the container has gone on it's merry way. I've fixed the gram engine which was falling out due to just one bolt holding it in, all is done and happy now. Tyres were ok, also had seven cars in and one van, some scrap and three export. We had one guy interested in a lorry... mmm we will see. Generally it's been slow in the yard but i stay hopeful. The lorry is loaded for morning and it's looking good for tomorrow! So now it's home James! haha. 

29 April

That's another day done… mmm. I had a black cloud over my head all day but it's not been too bad in the yard and things are taking shape. Had an MOT on a Mercedes Vito, 02 plate with 75,904 miles. It's a nice van… mmm, think i'll paint and sell it at £17.950! Had seven cars in, all scrap and two vans for scrap, tyres were good too. We had in and sorted two loads this morning before ten, happy days! Am now going home for a tee bone steak and baked potato and beans... yum yum! mmm there's no hope for me!

30 April

Well the sun is shining and the day is about done. Had a man in looking at a mini bus... looking hopeful! Also had four cars in, two export and the rest scrap. Some new customers came in and put their name on a few engines, they said they'd be back tomorrow... mmm let's hope tomorrow comes ha ha! It's been a steady day in the yard but tyres slow. The lorry is loaded for morning and i'm going home now to mow the lawn and light the barbi! 

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