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31 December
I'm still here! I said I'd finish early but now there's a last minute rush with a car to load, once it's done I'm off. It hasn't been a bad day; even though there were not a lot of guys about it's been steady with five cars in and one van for scrap, spares and export. I'm out tonight for a black tie doo, should be fun! Happy new year to everyone!

30 December
Well I got through today ok. Had five loads in which saved the day! Also had four cars in but no tyres. There weren't many people about apart from a couple of guys who were such hard work I can tell you...mmm. They're coming back tomorrow, we will see! There's a lot on tomorrow, it's the end of month so every one is getting shot of cars. I'm not in too early in the morning, a bit of a stop in bed... well actually it will be a seven o'clock start! So straight home now for food time... feeling hungry!

28 December
Well, Saturday is done. There's not been a lot happening today apart from a few of the short arm and long pockets brigade in, but they make the day go by with a smile ... I think. We had just three cars in, one export and the rest scrap, tyres were a bit slow. I stripped a load of engines ready for scraping in a week. I also repaired the pipes on the grab machine and welded patches on skips getting ready for the rush... ha ha! I'm having a beer on the way home and then a curry, am feeling cold today! Mmm, hope the power is on when I get home, it still keeps tripping off!

27 December
Well I'm here again and the wind is blowing, but it's not a bad day. There were a few guys about, had three cars in for scrap and tyres were ok. I'm feeling rough, too much christmas spirit I think ...mmm. The container is gone, the driver nearly talked him self out it before he started loading - moan moan! but he got there in the end. ha ha! Am off home now as I've got an early start tomorrow.

24 December

So that's it, I'm about done. The container is loaded, it was easy on the four by four first hic up machine would not start wire of starter hour to find where broke mmm; but all ok now. Today we had four cars in, all were scrap. I also sold a car and few other bits. The lorry is loaded and back in Friday, or before ...will see how I feel.

19 December

That's Thursday done, another hard day...will it ever change? Had seven cars in, all scrap. Also had two loads in and ready for morning, so plenty to do. Only a few guys about, had one man in today who was in a month ago full of promise, he was the same today... mmm happy days! who knows, maybe one day! That's it, it's been a long day again and I'm now off to do some home cooking again.

18 December

That's Wednesday done. Loaded container and booked for Friday, to do Saturday. Had ten cars in, all for scrap and two transits, 52 plate, for spares. The lorry is loaded for the morning. Tyres have been slow but apart from that it's been an eventful day. Even though there's been a lot of talking and no doing, it still feels like I'm getting some where... ha ha! please tell me where! Am now going home, oven is working so lamp chops for tea!

17 December

Well it's Tuesday, so what happen to yesterday? I wish I knew... apart from that my burglar alarm at home went off at three in the morning and would not switch off because it was damp and drying out. I had the ladder out which was not a pretty site at that time of the morning! Six hours later it was fixed, sorry to all the people in my road-ouch! Back to today...ok it's still slow but I've had seven cars in; three export and the rest scrap. Also had a few guys in getting ready for loading Friday. Tyres have been slow and a few people looking at vans but they were all saying they would be back after the holidays...mmm what holidays? The lorry is loaded for morning. As I still haven't got a cooker it looks like a liquid supper for me again, mmm.

13 December

It's Friday 13th, 2013 and a good start! The water pipe broke in the bathroom and brought the kitchen ceiling down at two in morning! happy days ...mmm

10 December

Well it's been another slow day with not a lot happing again. Had one Layland daf lorry in with tubo engine, one BMW for spares and I think I sold a truck. Had two loads in today and a few tyres. The lorry failed it's MOT on small things, it's back on Friday hopefully. Off home early to watch footy, nice excuse for a beer... not that I need one.

4 December

Today was another fun filled day; not a lot of people about but lots to do. I'm trying to be positive but it's hard. Had ten motors in today for scrap, sales and export but tyres were slow. The 815 mec has finely left for Tilbury docks and then on to Nigeria. I'm glad to see the back of it, I put a lot of work into it. The lorry is loaded ready for the morning and am now thinking about my lamb chops and bake potato! sad ha ha?

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