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21st December

Friday is done, the container is here and everything is ready so lets hope it loads well. What a day! I've had a load of scrap from the factory this morning, four loads of good stuff makes a change but I will feel it when resting, I must be getting old ha ha. Not a bad day sold a few parts, tyres and cars today.

Vehicles in today: Landrover discovery TDI for spares, a Peugeot 406 for spares, a Fiat Bravo105 sx jtd for parts, a Mercedes 220 spares, a Ford Focus Zetec for spares, Ford Transit 190 Luton for spares, a Talbot Express for spares and a Ford Escort for spares.


14th December

Today was singing in the rain day! Got myself a tan or is it rust? Mmm, here early this morning and surprise surprise the Polish lorry is here and has blocked all the road and I was not told he was coming but never mind. I let him in and got him loaded, only had cars so was not too bad. I've been doing half cuts all day, they got five done so done well in the rain. No customers about today, the phones were quite slow too and tyres were slow. The container is here and ready for the morning and i'm busy with collections tomorrow it's so not to bad.

Van today is a Transit 280 02 plate for spares, nice engine and that's it. I'm going to have a little drink when I get home and then lock the door and get my head down. Chill time, it' s been a hard week.


12th December

12.12.12 - Luck day or so they say mmm. Loaded the Polish lorry by 10.30am booked on a ferry at dover at 2.30pm happy motoring. Glad to see the back of that one it's been here three days. The container has been booked for Friday and there are nine cars coming tomorrow for half cuts, someones going to be busy!

Vehicles in today: A Renault Megane for spares, a Renault Laguna Dynamique dci for spares, an Alfa Romeo for spares, a Berling 03 for spares.

Tyres slow, yard slow but good as I can get some jobs done like fixing the forklift. New people in today from Pakistan, they brought three lorry engines and want ten more!! Where will I find those?! I will have to think about that. Need to go, night in again going to put up some xmas decorations and see if it gets me it the mood ha ha bar humbug!


5th December

That's another day done, went to Milton Keynes this morning to sort some paper work on a new hook lorry. All done, but I was stuck for one hour on the motor way and seen nothing wrong when I got moving but what's new? Not a lot of sales today, a lot of bodies about but not spending a lot. I sold a few small parts and stripped a few engines ready for scrap so will have a load for tomorrow as well so that will be two loads one engine and one shell.

Vehicles in today: Saab e4c 9.5 vector good for parts, a Rover 220 for scrap, a Ford Escort for spares, a Peugeot 406 for spares and one lorry Leyland DAF 45.120 tipper old but nice like me ha ha.

Thought i'd finish now but some people came in here with six engines to unload. The day was not all wasted sold a fridge lorry back to a farmer to keep his chickens in ready for xmas but I think it cold out the with out the fridge.


2nd December

Sunday at work, had two days of loading and my bin is ready for the start of Monday. I've got a flat tyre hey ho changing a wheel so much for my break ha ha

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