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26th February

Tuesday has been a bad day from the start! You know it's going to be a bad day when you get out of bed and drop your breakfast on the floor, then you go out on the bike and get a flat tyre half way round and with all the street lights off it's a no no ha ha! Then off to work we go, a guy came in and took twenty engines, ten prop shafts, lights, and gear boxes. So that was helpful but I forgot he gave me the money up front so that didn't help ha ha! A guy came and loaded ten engines but that had been here a month so I was glad to see it gone. Apart from that it has been slow, the lorry has been loaded for the morning and the container has gone.

Vehicles in today: A Ford Escort, a Ford Puma taxed and tested they do not make them like that any more. It has been a slow day for tyres, I'm off to Northampton now, it's going to be a late night I think.


23rd February

Well Saturday is about done, I managed to drive two lorries today mmm. One bin lorry with scrap and then a Ford 16 ton recovery with a crane and went to Long Buckby to get a twenty five foot caravan, it was a bit hairy but I made it back. I sold a few bits but it has been slow, it's too cold for people I think. It has been a good day for selling tyres again. Someone didn't turn up for their engines there a thing ha ha!! The container is all done and it was an easy load I've been smiling all day, I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm off out tonight, i'm going to the Cross Kenllworth, that will be a good night I hope I need to unwind after the week I've had so onwards and upwards.

Vehicles in today: A Hyundai coupe, a Renault Magane, a Peugeot 306, a Ford KA, a Renault Laguna, a Fiat Bravo, a Rover city rover, a Citroen Berlingo van, a Vauxhall Vectra x2 all for spares. I've locked up ready to go early for a change ha ha!


15th February

Friday is over, everyone has been payed but me mmm. It has not been a bad day again, the sun has been shining and I got two loads in by 9! That lorry is a flying machine, I've got a surprisingly good head this morning considering what I drank last night, must have been a good night, will know when I go back and see who is talking to me ha ha. It hasn't been a good day for selling, just a few parts but it has been a good day for selling tyres. The lorry has been loaded for the morning and I've got a few cars to collect so looks like I will be rushing a round.

Vehicles in today: A Honda Civic, a Peugeot 106, a Ford KA, a Nissan Amarer and a Ford Cargo horse box all for spares. I did sell a horse box body which made me smile or was it wind i'll never know. I'm off home, I'm having a night in with a curry and some hair of the dog mm.


11th February

That's a snowy Monday done! Same type of day not saying much today had one of those days trying to be positive, my men loaded an axle onto a truck for some gipsy while I was down the bottom yard and the next thing you know they go out the yard like a rocket and not payed for it!! Happy days, got to have my eye open all of the time and now I've lost my voice I must have been shouting at some one ha ha, it made me feel better!

Vehicles in today: A Peugeot 106, a Citroen Relay, a Renault Megane, a Ford Berlingo, a Ford Transit Smiley, a Ford Galaxy; and that's it, I'm off the drink for the week but it's not looking good to keep that promise to myself, what a day!! Ha ha


8th February

Friday Friday I've made some people happy but that's it until Monday and some have to work which is okay, it's now light at five roll on spring!! I hope it will be a good one this year, it started slow but positive thoughts now! It's been a good day clearing up getting ready to do some concreting in the next two weeks if the weather holds. Not a lot about again today but got two loads of scrap in so that pleased me. I sold some engines and did two car polishes today. There is no container tomorrow so it has been an easy day must get a hair cut tomorrow if I get time mmm. I bought a horse box off ebay from Banbury nice boys and toys ha ha.

Vehicles in today: A Renault Kango 865d will MOT 52 plate nice van, a Ford Escort van again will sell Y plate, a Fiat Punto for scrap, a Hyundai coupe for spares, a Saab for scrap. That's it, I'm off now for some drinks on the way home and who knows where we will end up?! I've loaded the lorry for the morning.


4th February

Monday monday it has almost been a hard day again but it's been okay, there have been a few people about today and I have sold lots of small parts again but tyres have been slow again. The container has gone and the lorry has been loaded for tomorrow. I've had eight old caravans in for scrap.

Vehicles in today: A Ford Escort van, a Volkswagen Polo, a Peogeot 406, a BMW 312, a Ford puma, a Ford Mondeo Zetec, a Vauxhall Corsa, a Ford Transit 350 LWB which has a nice engine, an LDV convoy drop side all for spares. That's it! it's nice that it is still light at 5pm, I'm off home now, I'm still suffering from Saturday night, will we ever learn? Ha ha


1st February

Friday is done everyone has been payed but me, something is wrong there must look into that! A guy from Pakistan was in today I sold him a Bedford TK engine and box axles plus a Ford Cargo engine, plus eight stud axles and twenty transit engines which made the day up as it is still slow! A container came and I didn't know about it so we will see if we can fill it tomorrow.

Vehicles in today: A VW Golf, a Fiat Brava, a Peugeot partner, a BMW 5 s, a  VW Passat all for spares. A Citroen Berlingo it passed it's MOT, it's a nice little cheap van for £795. That's it home nice night in paper work and chill, the lorry has been loaded for the morning.

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