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1 February

So thats the first of February about done, it's five o'clock and it's still light. It's been a good day... Had some guys in, one who put his name on a few engines and axles for Monday. Van sales are looking up but tyres slow. Had two vans in and four cars, all scrap, and the lorry loaded for Monday. So thats about it, think I'll have a beer on the way home tonight, its been a hard week from what I can remember of it, let's see what tomorrow brings!

3 February

Monday is done. It's been a dry day and I got a lot done. The container is booked for tomorrow, we're not really ready but we will see. Had six cars in today, one export and the rest scrap. Also had two pick ups, one for scrap and one a Mercedes... It's not bad, I'll paint and MOT it and it will be a good truck for someone by next week. It's been slow on tyres today, in fact it was an all or nothing day today, but that's how I like it on a Monday. Am going home now, had a hard day yesterday and need my sleep ...mmm.

4 February

That's Tuesday done and it's still light at five o'clock... happy days! The container is here half loaded and looking good. We had just two cars and one van in today all for export. It was slow until midday then there was a rush. We sold a few bits although tyres were slow. Had a few guys in at ten to five, they want ten axles and have been coming for two days, but business is business, ha ha. It's been a long day again! I was out on my bike this morning and didn't feel very fit... mmm. The lorry is loaded and there's a few bits to collect tomorrow. So it's an early night again for me... feeling sleepy.

5 February

What a day it's been! I lost it today... the lorry went up ok to tip out but would not come down. Then there was rain and more rain. After ringing a friend, one hour later, I found that the fuse had gone... happy days! I was then told the price of steel has gone down... mmm. Later, we had some of our usual guys in who brought me a bottle of vodka and some polish sausages... yum yum! I had to lock them in the car... so much for weight loss, ha ha! We had five cars in today, all export, three vans for scrap and tyres were slow. The lorry is loaded for morning and container loaded and gone. I'm still feeling wet from this morning... I think a hot toddy and an early night is in order.

6 February

Well it's Thursday again and its raining... so whats new?! It's been slow again but we had a few guys in early and we loaded up with no bother; one lorry and one van... happy days! Had three cars in, all scrap and two vans for export. I bought new boots and hope this will solve my wet feet problem... ha ha! We had fun in the scrap yard this morning, some people have not a minute to live and can only see what they want to see, but they learnt some new choice words and I got the blood presser going early... ha ha! I'm off for a small beer and then home hopefully. The lorry is loaded. We'll all try again tomorrow... happy days!

7  February

Well that's Friday over thank goodness. I had a tooth out - ouch! but ok now. I need a drinky, ha ha! It's been one of those days... we had fourteen cars in and three vans, some were export and some scrap. We also had a nice order for Renault Primer Star parts to be posted off to Doncaster. Apart from that it's been slow including tyres. So that's it, I'm off home early. I've got a five o'clock start in the morning, the lorry is loaded for Bristol and I'm feeling exhausted.

8 February

Well that's Saturday done. I was in Bristol at five am and after loading up I drove back to Rugby to pick up another lorry and was in Coventry by ten! happy days! I went out again to Lutterworth and Daventry to collect a car, was a nice day out! not a lot happing in the yard... Had four cars in, all scrap. One guy brought in ten engines and four cars for export, little but often! The lorry is loaded for Monday and I bought a old fork lift... mmm a new toy to play with! I'm off home soon for an early night, I have a nice bottle of red and a curry ordered ...and some chill time!

10 February

That's Monday done! Monday Monday... just hard work for some reason. We had three vans in scrap and one BMW 5 export. Think I sold a van but will know for sure tomorrow, the guy has to talk to his wife, but it looks hopeful. Apart from that it's  been a yuk day. The lorry is loaded for morning but the parcel man has not been yet and I've got to get the hub to Wales for first thing in the morning, ouch! I need to go home... too much partying! Feeling exhausted!

14 February

Friday is about done! I had men at the door again, it comes round to quick! It's not been a bad day with eleven cars in, four for export and the rest scrap, tyres slow. The weather has been wet and windy, like showering with my clothes again ...mmm. The lorry is loaded and container booked for Monday, hopefully it will be loaded Tuesdays and be ready. I'm in the dog in the house with one of our customers... o'dear! I had to give him a discount on some parts, woof woof! I'm off now for a hot shower.

15 February

Well it's been another 'no no day'; slow, but I have been doing stuff. Tyres were ok and yard ok, but people have been hard work with short arms and long pockets, but we'll get there... mmm. Whilst loading the lorry the hose went again at the last min so everything was behind and there was a walking oil slick but all done now ready for Monday. The forklift has broken down, it's the diesel pump I think so I'll be in tomorrow to take it off... no rest for me, ha ha! Had two cars in, one export and one scrap and I also sold a van. I'm out tonight in Kenilworth... that's if I get home on time, I'm an hour late already!

18 February

Well that's Tuesday done, it's been an ok kind-of-day. The container was loaded by four and it went on its merry way to Sharja uae! We had six cars in yesterday and five today, all export. It's been a good tyre day; two loads in today all loaded for tomorrow. We sold a few parts but still slow on that front...but we're getting there. It's home time now to watch the footy with a glass of something... So much for my no drink week! ha ha!

19 February

Wednesday over already! Where has the week gone?... must be having fun! Had twelve cars in and two vans, half export and the rest scrap! Also had some guys in again today looking and trying to get prices down, was hard work but we'll get there! The lorry is loaded for morning and van sales look hopeful for tomorrow. Off home now, was here at five this morning and now feeling sleepy... age is getting to me I think! However, it's a good thing it's still light at six and the sun is shining for a while!

20 February

That's it, all over... It's been a long day again and so slow. Had just one car in scrap but then had one customer who put his name on seven engines for tomorrow! The LVD dropside tipper passed it's mot and is now ready for sale: £1485. Tyres have been slow, it's been a 'no no' day really. Time for home early today for paperwork night or might watch the footy again.

21 February

Well it's golden eagle day again, but I missed out again! ...mmm. That's Friday done but it's been a hard shift again this week. It was so slow today until four o'clock, then it was rush rush! Had some guy in last min, loaded some engines and is now on his way driving back to Poland in a old Layland lorry! brave or silly!? Ha ha! Had eight cars in today and one van, half export and the rest scrap. The lorry is loaded, we've got two loads tomorrow before nine so it's a night in for me tonight I think!

22 February

Well that's Saturday done, had two loads in before nine and four cars. We sold a few bits, had a tip and got a bottle of vodka, also swapped a tyre for some steak! happy days! Some guys are on their way to buy engines but they are late again and now want a discount... but the customer is always right, ha ha! Off to Leamington this evening for a curry and chip night... mmm!

24 February

Well that's that day done and it's not been too bad. Had one guy in and have been getting ready with cars for export on Friday. Had thirteen cars in today, half export and the rest scrap, although tyres were slow. The lorry is also loaded for morning. Had a guy in looking at a tipper lorry who said he will buy tomorrow, but then again who can tell, ha ha! Now I'm getting an order ready for ten engines for Friday and that's about it... home to lock the door and chill! ...I hope!

25 February

All I have to say today is- thank goodness it's over! The container is booked for tomorrow. I've got a lorry here at nine tonight to load three cars... mmm great! We had three cars in scrap today and two small vans also scrap. The lorry is loaded for morning and tyres have been ok. I sold a transit engine to a customer who loaded up on his way to Tilbury, happy days! I'm off home now and then back later. Am feeling hungry!

26 February

So thats another eventful day done. We had ten cars in, all export and the container is here ready to start loading tomorrow, think we're about ready with everything. Had a customer loaded up ok last night and we'll be about ready to load him up again on Friday. We also managed to fit in load of concreting as well so that's looking good! Tyres were slow today and yard was so so. The lorry is loaded with two lots for morning, need to be here early. Unfortunately I'm in the dog house again as one customer did not take well to me... oh dear. Off home now for steak and bake potato, yum yum! sad or what?! Am feeling exhausted.

27 February

Well that was another day in hell, why do we do it I ask myself?! Lots on today again; had two loads in by nine and then took till four to load the container. Then the lorry arrived and had flat tyre in the middle of the yard... happy days! It blocked the yard for an hour until it was fixed and what a helpful driver he was! mmm. A load went and was gone by midday, it was an easy load, just cars and vans. We had twelve cars in plus two vans, most were scrap, some for export! Van sales looked hopeful, had two bites but will know more in the morning. The lorry is also loaded for morning, I'll be glad to get away today. It's still light at six! ...feeling happy!

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