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30th January

Wednesday is done and dusted, not a bad day, still slow but little and often is the plan. The lorry has been loaded for the morning it has been that sort of day, where has it gone and what have I been doing?

Vehicles in today: A Renault Clio, a Renault Megane, a Renault Traffic dropside pick up not seen one of them in a while and an old Bedford TK house box not really looked at it but it looks good! I drove in from banbury then ran out of dev at the gate must have know it was fate ha ha. I'm going home now been given a rough bottle of red and it looks that bad must try a taste mmm with lamb chops.


23rd January

Wednesday was a slow day not like yesterday slow, things are still happening but it is snowing hard now when will it end? Ha ha. I sold a gear box for a new shape transit, some peugeot locks and a side door handle, a boxer, two wipers, people forget that with the frost and snow they are frozen and will burn out quick, I shouldn't tell you that it's bad for business mmm, not sold a lot of tyres and sold a few front lights for when people have slid in the snow.

Vehicles in today: A Ford Maverick aspen est petrol for spares, a Ford Focus 57 plate it has some front damage for spares nice wheels, a Citroen Berlingo might MOT and sale cheap, a Nissan Vanette cargo for spares, a Mercedes 814 recovery truck nice winch, and that is it. The lorry is loaded for the morning, I haven't seen the dog all day he must be hiding in the house after yesterday ha ha. I'm off out tonight I hope, but not too far, only to Coventry so should make it mm.


14th January

Oh I hate Mondays for some reason yet to find out what a day snow and more snow then rain, I  managed to get two loads in so that was not too bad, I sold one van and a car so what am I moaning about?

Vehicles in today: A Vauxhall Corsa for spares, a Ford Escort for scrap, a Peugeot 306d Turo for spares, a Ford Transit smiley swb for spares and that's that. The container has gone and the day is finished, I'm having an early night it's cold and wet.


11th January

It's Friday night, the day has been okay and the job is just about finished. The men have been payed and I'm thinking about home time as it has been a long day but what's new? I have sold a few engines to some Polish guys and sold one van and took a nice pannel van 52 plate in part exchange, it has no MOT but it will do and then I'm going to paint it ready for sale, it could be a nice runner for someone.

Vehicles in today:  A VW Golf diesel for spares, a Renault Laguna for spares, a Ford transit for  sales, a Renault Kangoo for spares, a Peugeot 206 for scrap, a Ford Fiesta for spares, a Saab 95 for spares, a Mercedes 300 d for export, a Mercedes sprinter for export, a Ford Escort for scrap and that's that! I've got a few for collection tomorrow and I need to load a container which should be okay as I have 9 half cuts so fingers crossed it will all be okay. We have had our petrol thief back! They drilled the tank on two cars the same as last time, it is the same man obviously court didn't teach him a lesson! If it is him I will have to make a plan so he gets the message. Any ideas? I'm off to Coventry to look at a couple of lorries, have a few the drinks and then home.


2nd January

What a day I have lost track! I'm here early everything has been okay and the dog is pleased to see me. The lorry is okay at least it started! Where did the day go?! it's been quite busy, sold a few bids not bad for whatever day it is.

Vehicles in today: A Ford Mondeo for scrap, a Ford KA for spares, a Vauxhall 03 plate for spares, a Fiat car for scrap, a Mitsubishi shot gun for spares, a Peugeot 609 for spares, a Ford transit grew cab tipper for spares.

That's that, I'm going home now, the lorry has been loaded and I'm going to bed early I need the rest.

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