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29th July

Monday, Monday! It's the end of the month and everyone wants to sell cars. I had 10 in today, all breakers so I had no time to think. It was still slow though in the yard and with tyres but I was still rushing around and got nowhere! Here comes the rain ha ha happy days, not much else to say I want to go home, I had a long day yesterday on paperwork and need to finish it and the rest of the drink ha ha.

17th July

Another killer day, it's been hot and the heat from the cars and vans just bounces off, it's a good way to lose a few pounds mmm. We had a few cars in today, all for scrap, not a lot about people have been wise. I've got two loads in before nine and I'm loaded for the morning, not much else to say about today I just want to go home.

10th July

Wednesday oh Wednesday, one thing then another! We had visitors who took my 50 yard roll on their skip, then they came back and took my plant skip and nobody seen a thing! Then the bolt on machine came out dropped the gear box down and stretched the pipes, the two pipes on the JCB broke and then the concrete came late and dropped it in wrong place!! Ouch! Apart from that what a good day, I'm off now let’s see what tomorrow brings.

6th July

Friday ha ha, we thought we would dig a hole for pipes for the new drain in the middle of the yard and low a behold we hit an electric wire! We had no power, had to call the electricians out and six hours later we were back on! Mmm what can I say but oh bugger but we got there in the end, happy days.

1st July

Monday is over, it hasn't been a bad day for a Monday but my brain would not get it to gear. I had a lot of people in wanting prices for everything and I know that they were only messing and they knew I had parts but could get them cheaper somewhere else mmm. I kept smiling anyway or was it wind ha ha. Had a few cars in today which were all for scrap and one LDV tipper which had a nice engine but the rest is for scrap. The lorry has been loaded for the morning.

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