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11th June

Cartoon truckIt hasn't been a bad day for a change; I've got a lot done. There haven’t been many people about but it has been okay. The yard is looking better and I'm making more room for parts and stock. The lorry has been loaded for the morning; I might get two in mmm.

Cars in today: A Honda Civic, a Toyota, a Skoda Felicia, a Cherokee Jeep, a Nissan Micra, a Rover 214, a VW Polo and a Mercedes 208 all for spares.

That's it for today, I've got a meeting at six thirty I hope I can get there on time ha ha, that would be a first.

6th June

Guy on tyreThursday is done and it's been a nice sunny day, just the job for concreting it went down well. I had a visit from the environment agency a day early! They said Friday but they arrived today mmm but everything is okay. I managed two loads before nine and that's my fix for the day, boys and their toys. We've had a slow foot fall again today, not a lot about but what we lose one way we gain from other ways. I had a guy in from Africa just looking but that's it, but one never knows, but we cannot live on promises ha ha.

Cars in today: A Ford Fiesta (diesel), a Volvo 460, a Toyota Light Ace, a Ford Transit 280 and that's that.

I have two nice pork chops for the barby mmm, sad but nice.

1st June

RecoveryIt's Saturday and I'm still here, the sun is and I'm shining still loading but it hasn't been a bad day I've got a lot done. The lorry has been loaded and I won ten pounds on the lotto and I'm smiling and it's not wind ha ha. I've got another hour here yet but it's okay as I haven't got a lot on tonight, I think I'll finish that bottle of red I started last night and see.

Cars in today: A Ford Escort, a Nissan Primera, an LDV Cub and a Renault Master all for spares.

There have been a few people about but it has been slow on that side. It's been a good tyre day, I might have to work tomorrow but I'll see as I'm feeling tired.

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