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12th June

Thursday about done and its been one of those days ; had the environmental officer in surprise visit mmm not good more jobs but getting there he says ; nine cars in four export rest spares and on van ; hot hot day the sun shines of the vans nice ? few about, tyres on, think ok on a van sale and thats it - lorry loaded for morning two loads home now early night ? — feeling worried.

13 June

Well its getting close again Friday night here - men happy? Good day in all, a few about and tyres ok - container here for loading tomorrow everything about ready - six cars in scrap and one transit van not sure what to do with has water damage could mean anything ? warm day again - home and barb I think and nice bottle of red and things ? — feeling accomplished.

14 June

Well day about done - container loaded in good time, slow old day again - seven cars in all, scrap and one transit van scrap - lorry loaded for Monday. Tyres ok and that about sums up the day not up for the day to much - falling down in the water last night I think but was nice at the time - Night in tonight I think ? — feeling hungover.

16 June

That's Monday done - container gone, ten cars in, three export, rest scrap. Slow day all round glad to get out of here today real hard work today nothing would go right ; — feeling sick.

17 June

Its been one of those days so slow no one about much, five cars in all scrap - a bit of movement on ebay mm we will see - lorry loaded for morning. Sun shining home james - night in watch footy and chill — feeling hungry.

19 June

Thats the day done Friday here again just do not know where the days are going ; six cars in today but still slow, tyres ok, van sales ok and that's about it, getting a lot done but? Home now watch the footy should be interesting mm — feeling surprised.

20 June

Friday about done, lorry in and loaded, dog did not like the driver. New client coming in, left Birmingham fours hrs ago, still not here mm. Seven cars in scrap, tyres slow, few about but not hopeful, two loads in and loaded for morning. Men at the door again, must be Friday ouch — feeling meh.

21 June

Another sun filled day about over, good start with the loading, but loading the second load and pipe went on the downhill - two hour to get new one so miss second load mmm ; slow day, tyres ok but quite slow, three cars in scrap, sold a front end of a berlingo and some small parts and thats it home now to chill night in ; — feeling rough.

Just when I thought day done ran over a bolt and went in to the tyre on now got to change ????; — feeling sick.

23 June

Well got though Monday ok not too many dramas? Few about, guy in to loook at a lorry - book for Friday. Six cars in and two vans export and spares ? two loads in this morning and two for tomorrow - work yesterday for Ghana export and delivery to B'ham for container before one - happy days home now chill time again ? — feeling sleepy.

24 June

Tuesday about done, concrete done - hard work as the hot sun was setting it too quick as delivered too dry but got there - few about again and all threatening to pay mmm; two loads in this morning loaded for tomorrow ; four cars in and one 817 Mercedes removal van 30ft long nice export I hope tyres ok and thats about it home to watch footy — feeling sleepy.

26 June

Thursday done and what a day again two loads in few about but slow - polish lorry gone, tyres a little better - five cars in all scrap and one citroen van taxed and tested mm we will see;and thats it sun shining again home now and chill been a long day ? — feeling happy.

27 June

That day was here and gone in a flash. Friday I mean. Men at door again ouch - time is flying - two loads in first thing rush rush ten cars in and two vans in tyres ok ; and been showering with clothes for a change some rain today mmm; and thats the day done off home need to chill again brain hurts — feeling chill.

28 June

Here again on a rainy Saturday slow again - few tyre kickers in and guys into collect engine polish buying a few bit and two vans in and three cars all export ; lorry loaded for Monday ; think a take away curry night been hard week again sleep must be getting old or something ha ha

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