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29th March

parts-and-vehiclesFriday is done but I keep thinking it's Saturday for some reason. It's been a fair day, we've had lots of people about, sold a van but it's all credit cards now mm. Had a Russian guy in today, he bought a lot of transit parts all old stock and he gave me a big bottle of vodka!! Mmm I must get to like drinking that stuff. It has been a good day on tyres too as a lot of people are not working.

Vehicles in today: A BMW (old F reg) must have been some car in its day, a Ford KA for scrap, a Ford Mondeo Zetec (nice alloys), a Rover 25 for spares, a Ford Escort LX for scrap, a Ford Transit 80 for spares, and a BMW 5 series and thats that.

The lorry is having the gear box repaired tomorrow so I haven't been able to do a load so I'm not in to early. I still want to get the container finished tomorrow so we will see what happens.

27th March

truck-busters-alloysWhat a difference a day makes mmm, rush rush I had a lot on today. Everyone wants everything done right now for a little reward but I soon put them right. I've got two loads in too and got the lorry tested. Well done Matthew, it has been hard work but you go there in the end, only two more to do. It has been a good day on tyres, sold a few new and part worn tyres so that has helped today.

Vehicles in today: A Ford Focus, a Volkswagen Polo, a LDV 400 Convoy tipper (nice body) for spares, a Ford Focus, a Nissan Micra, a Ford Transit Smiley pickup (taxed and tested, will paint and put up for sale) will do someone a good turn.

A container has been booked for tomorrow, there are 10 cars coming in tomorrow, half cuts so it will be a bit of a rush but we will get there. The lorry has been loaded for the morning, I'm feeling my age today but what's new ha ha. Onwards and upwards your a long time dead mmm.


21st March

vans-cars-lorriesThursday is done and what a Thursday it has been! I'm not going to talk about it, everything went pear shaped. The only good thing was that I got two loads in by nine.

Vehicles in today: A Honda Accord, a Citroen Xsara, Renault Clio, a Renault Megane, a Chrysler, a Renault Master.

That's it I'm going for drinkys to get over my day!


18th March

scrap-collectingMonday is over, it hasn't been a bad day. A few people have been about buying all small bits but it's better that nothing.

Vehicles in today: A Fiat Punto, a Peugeot 206, a Renault Megane convertible, a Ford Mondeo, a Fiat Punto, a Ford Transit Smiley, a VW Polo x2 and that it all for spares.

The lorry has been loaded for morning and two container loads have gone and I've already got half a load for Saturday. I'm going home now, I've got sausage and mash and cannot stop thinking about it, how sad is that? Ha ha!


12th March

tyresThat's the day done, it has been very slow, not a lot about today but it is cold so everyone says mmm.

Vehicles in today: A Nissan Sunny for scrap, a Ford Transit 280swb (has a gear box problem but it will fix, has long MOT and smi high roof, nice van 51 plate nice engine which this place for price when done).

The lorry has been loaded for the morning, I've been sorting tyres most of the day for export but I don't know if it was worth the stress as they try to get something for nothing, I say no more! I'm off to Northampton now to look at a Ford people carrier and then I'm going home to watch the footy I hope.


8th March

painting serviceFriday Friday where did it go? Here at 6am and the phones ringing, then before you know it it's 6pm and it's golden eagle day again for some and not for others mmm. A Polish guy was in again today, I sold a Transit engine and Renault Kangoo engine plus parts. Apart from that there has not been much but there have been lots on the rush here and there. I wonder if I'm wasting my time, people are looking at vans but have six more to look at!

Vehicles in today: A Ford Escort van for scrap, a Ford Transit for scrap, a Mitsubish Carisma for spares, a Rover 200 for spares, a Hyundai Coupe, and a Vauxhall Vectra for spares.

The container is here and ready for the morning. The lorry has been loaded, two loads for tomorrow. I need to be in early but I'm off to Wellingborough to collect a car with no wheels so it's a hiab job,  should be fun and nice to hit the Friday traffic (not) so will never know where I end up after I have loaded ha ha.


6th March

TB-March1Wednesday done still got that black cloud over my head but getting used to it now ha ha, I've had the VAT bill and corporation tax, is this that we work for? I've had a bad start today, had a flat tyre but I'm getting good at changing tyres now early in the morning, after the glass of red I had last night watching the football which we will not talk about! I had a Romanian guy in this morning, he bought five sets of LDV springs, 4 transit engines, and front and back lights so it has helped. It's been slow on tyres but there have been a few more about so it isn't too bad.

Vehicles in today: A Renault Laguna, a Mercedes 200te 1990 (they don't make them like that any more), a Renault Megane, a Toyota, a Mercedes 350 and thats that.

A container has been booked for Friday, we are almost there and the lorry has been loaded for the morning. I'm off now to spend my lotto win all £2.60 of it, so I will be sober again ha ha. Night!

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