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1 March

Well thats another month gone and Saturday is done. It’s been an eventful day again. We had two loads in this morning; two vans taxed and gone and tyres have been good which made up for slow the week. I lost my car, house and yard keys yesterday…ouch! I was looking for them for two hours last night in the dark, it was stressful but then I had a brain wave about where I had been… mmm… I only left them in the post office on the desk!... a bad sign that i'm losing it, ha ha! A few guys came in today and brought more engines. We also had six cars in scrap and two vans, one for sales and one parts, along with five Suszuki 4x4 Jeeps all for export I'm hoping. The lorry is loaded for Monday and i’m off now for a night out in Leamington for a hot curry and then who knows. Am feeling excited!

3 March

Well that’s Monday over and we had rain for change!… that's all i've got to say about that! Had a good start - one flat tyre on lorry and then I walked into a bar sticking out of a lorry! nice. I was seeing stars that early in the morning! ha ha.  We had seven cars in scrap and one van for scrap, tyres were ok. It’s been a slow day but the lorry loaded for morning and i'm going home now to dry out and chill... yuk day! 

4 March

It’s been one of them days today; nobody has been about... so slow! Whilst we had a few guys in who made a few promises, that was about it. Tyres were a 'no go', we had three cars in, one export and the rest scrap. We also had a camper van transit which had been in a field for ten years. The dog liked it... mice everywhere! …mmm. The lorry is loaded for morning, we are also getting ready for more concrete on Thursday... hope the weather holds! I’m now going to Coventry looking at van and then home, looks like the chippy tonight…mmm.

5 March

That’s Wednesday done and it’s been a better day, it must be because the sun was shining! We had another rush-about day off out in the lorry down the A14 to Harrington to drop a skip which made a change. We had four cars in scrap and one van for spares. Also had a few people in looking and a some guys looking particularly hopeful! We're all ready for the concrete tomorrow so that's looking good. Tyres have been ok today as well. Am going home now to watch the England game... we will see. Will also have a beer I think… mmm.

7 March

Friday morning is here again and I’m ready for the day! What a day we had yesterday... Charley Trent depot went up in flames and ten fire engines came. The road was closed and power went off. We were told to get off site as there are gas bottles and petrol around, we had just started concreting as well… happy days! As a result a trailer melted that was by the fence and the forklift, in the trailer, all burnt… mmm! We got back on site at five, still had no power but managed to get lorry loaded for morning. Had no sales and no phones so not happy, although we had four cars in and one van all for scrap.

So Friday is done. We’ve been rushing about trying to catch up after yesterday's drama. I had all the Heath and Safety and Environmental Officers in today looking round. It wasn’t me but it needed to be checked, all was ok… mmm. Had lots of customers come and go, a few regular guys who won’t be back for three weeks and  another guy in buying, but he had short arms and big pockets! Weather was good and concrete ok, tyres were ok too but it’s been a slow week for them. That's it, the lorry is loaded for morning with two loads. I’, off to the shops and then home

8 March

Well Saturday is about done. So much for me finishing at four o’clock! I’ll be late home again… mmm. What a day! We had ten guys in all wanting to buy engines, I must have told them the price ten times… ouch, I lost my voice with all the bartering and am now the proud owner of two camels and a goat, ha ha! We had four cars in plus one van, all scrap. Tyres were rubbish but I sold something on ebay and they turned up to buy, happy days! We also managed two loads plus a collection from Harrington, Northants and all has been loaded for Monday. Unfortunately I lost my low gears which makes it hard work but we will get there. Am going for a drinky later and then to spend my lotto win... all seven pound fifty something... happy days! Five thirty and it’s still light! feeling blessed!

10 March

All I have to say today is - Monday is over! Had six cars in scrap and the lorry is loaded. Am going home now - feeling rubbish!

11 March

Tuesday is about over, had some guys in today that I've not seen for three months, it was hard work but fruitful. Also had a few others in for axles so not a bad day. Tyres were slow again and yard was ok. We're getting more concrete ready for Thursday and the container is now booked for Thursday, we should be ready for loading Friday. We had seven cars in today, two export the rest scrap and two vans, both export. Also had two other loads in this morning before nine and the lorry is loaded for morning. Feel like my head is spinning and thats even without a drink… will have to see what we can do, mmm. Off home now to watch the footy.

12 March

That's Wednesday about over. Two hoses have gone on the machine and as we've only done half a load, that means no load in morning… mmm. Had five cars in, all scrap and concrete is booked for two o'clock tomorrow. Had some ebay people turn up again... getting good, happy days! Tyres were good and yard ok, but it's been mainly just-looking-types… I stay hopeful. Had the transport police in looking for copper wire stolen from railways… a routine check?! It feels like it's been a long day again, must be my age, ha ha! Think I need a beer on the way home!

13 March

That's my day over. The lorry's back gears slip like a new pair of boots… mmm, lets hope it cured the problem. Had ten cars in, four 4x4 isszu and two vans. The container is here to start tomorrow and we're about ready to load concreting… looking good. Tyres were rubbish and yard slow but had a lot on... just don't know where the day went. The lorry is loaded for morning and i'm now off to Market Harbour to look at an old horse box been in a field left two years, should be fun! Will then find a pub for some dinner... end of a !!!!! day!

14 March

Well it's that day again, had the men at the door wishing me a happy weekend, if only I could believe them, ha ha! It's not been a bad day all in all. We had six cars in and two vans, half export and rest scrap, tyres were ok. Had a few guys in again who left a deposit on an engine... big mistake I think,  said he would be back Monday... which Monday?… mmm. The lorry is loaded for morning with two loads, then i'm out collecting the horse box - old but good... not a lot of us left! I'm off now for a little drinky and then to the chippy for a fish supper, mmm! ...what a life we lead! 

15 March

That's that day done! Had a car MOTd and got the lorry loaded, just put the last car on and hose broke… mmm. Didn't have a spare but got round it. Had five cars in scrap and one van scrap. Tryes were ok and yard was all go for a couple of hrs and then slowed. Had a few guys in who left a camel as deposit on some engines... am I losing it? ha ha! Apart from that all is ok and i'm going home to open a bottle of something and chill. It's been a hard week again.

18 March

Well Tuesday is over. Its been another riveting day again where I can't seem to do a thing right and every body is moaning about this and that, saying 'that's too much' and 'I can get it cheaper somewhere else'. I ask 'what are you doing here then'? and they say '...but they didn't have one'... I rest my case! Had fourteen cars in today, half export the rest scrap. Tyres were ok and ebay ok, plus the weather is changing; had just a bit of wet stuff! That's it, home again to watch footy.

19 March

Well that's the day about done. We've had fourteen cars in, all scrap and one transit tipper, not sure what to do with it. I need a clear head… its been one of those days again! Also had an 2004 transit 280, good for spares, there was a fire in the cab but it's got new tyres all round. It's been slow in the yard today and tyres the same. Had some guys in just now, I don't think I can face the haggling tonight, ha ha!... we will see. The lorry is loaded for morning and I'm going home now for a glass of red stuff and then chill! — feeling exhausted!

20 March

Another fun filled day over.  it's been slow again . Had seven cars in and one van, all scrap and there's two loads for the morning. I cannot believe it's Friday again! Time goes so quick when you're having fun! ha ha. I think I will have liquid lunch tonight and then we will see.

21 March

Friday is done. Had one guy in who saved the day with two loads before nine, happy days! The yard has been slow but also fruitful. Tyres were ok and had seven cars in, half scrap and the rest export. I'm going straight home as I'm feeling sleepy, had a hard night last night and I can't stand the pace, ha ha! The lorry is loaded for morning with two loads so it's an early start... I hope.

22 March

Well it's Saturday, five fifty pm and I'm still here! It's been one of them days again. I was up at the crack of dawn as I needed to get loads in on time but ouch!… the fan belt goes on the lorry and I was stuck on the side of the road for three hours. Once i got fan belt sorted, I then found a pulley had come off so I had to go back again to get that. I'm flying again now but am all behind with everything… oh well onwards and upwards. Had seven cars in today, all export. Also had one guy in and container is booked in for Wednesday. Tyres have been ok and lorry is loaded for Monday. Had some regular customers in again who tried to leave a goat as a deposit… whatever! ha ha! I then had to move a transit I sold into the workshop and the wiring caught fire!... luckily there was not much damage. I'm off now but will be back in the morning as an ebay man is coming… watch this space!

23 March

Sunday is here and there are people waiting to look, not got my sales head on this morning though but we will see. The dog is barking... happy days! The customer has taken what he came for but it was hard work! I'm off now for a lunchtime pie and a pint… feeling happy!

24 March

Monday is done. There's been a lot on today and loads of people about; had lots all in at once... not good for a Monday. They all wanted everything but were buying nothing except a little bit. Tyres were ok and had five cars in, two scrap and three export. Also had two vans in, both scrap. The lorry is loaded and it's home time now since I've got an early start in the morning.

25 March

Well that's that day over thanks goodness. The lorry broke down again, it was the gear box this time, mmm... will take a week to fix it if I'm lucky. The container is booked for midday, got bits of car everywhere! Am not happy but will get there. Had five cars in, all scrap and two vans. Also had an LDV mini bus, nice!... will MOT and sell with low miles. It's been slow in the yard again but it's been raining most of the time so that's that. Tyres were ok and had a few guys around but all with short arms and long pockets!… a sign of the times. I now need a drinky, tomorrow is another day!

27 March

Wednesday is about done, happy days as I thought it was Thursday... mmm. Had four cars in today, two export and the rest scrap and two vans, 2005 plate LWB high roof Movano dti which I'll MOT, both have good engines. Also had and a Mercedes Vito 2003 for spares. Tyres slow and yard slow, but productive. The container is ready for the load in the morning and I'm off home for an early night — feeling sleepy!

28 March

Thursday is done, It's been cold and wet! The container is loaded and we've had five cars in for scrap on the pickup. It's been the day from hell again and I'm going home to sulk! ha ha. It's Friday tomorrow, ouch! — feeling depressed.

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