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18th May

Saturday blues nothing went right! The hose on the machine broke again at the last minute, that's more stress but I managed to get one from Birmingham. Now I'm all behind and should be out by seven, ouch I'm in trouble again, home alone ha ha! The container isn't finished, I'll have to finish it tomorrow it will take an hour to finish and then I'm moving stones in the new yard, happy days! I sold a few bits today, it has been a good day on tyres, I've just loaded the lorry for Monday I'm off now I'm never on time for whatever mmm.

16th May

Thursday is over, the day seemed to get harder as everyone had a tale to tell and it was all doom and gloom ha ha. Well there has been a lot of moving in the yard, we've moved the trailer to the top yard and the container has been booked for two o'clock tomorrow, that should be fun but we're getting there and the sun is shining. I had a visit from a health and safety officer. Nice. More rules to do again!

Cars in today: A Peugeot 406, a Renault Megane, a Volvo s40 and a Rover 25 all for spares and mot. A Citroen Berlingo, nice van alloys S reg and it's a good runner but will need a new paint job. On sale for £995, would do some one a good turn, and that's it for today I might light the barb nice steak mmm.

10th May

Friday is over and all of the men have been in to say have a good weekend, they are all smiles and I wonder why? The container is here and I've got a good load ready for it so it shouldn't be to bad. I've had a few people in today but they have all been lookers but who knows, it has been a good yard day again and tyres are okay.Just two cars today a Fiat Punto for scrap and a Peugeot 206 GLX for spares and A man lorry for spares. The lorry has been loaded for the morning, the sun is shining so I think I will try and do a barbecue again tonight and have a nice glass of red to finish the day off as we mean to go on mmm.

6th May

Well its Bank Holiday Monday and where am I? Working, loading containers and clearing the bottom yard ready for the move back to my own yard as trents say they want it back. It should be fun, all the men are in and there is lots to do. I sold a few tyres but I have just run out of gas blow and there is nowhere open, but I think I will get the barby going when I get home and have a nice glass of red mmm wash the day away.

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