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1 May

Thursday the first of May. Fifth month help! Time just flying by when having fun ?? Another hectic day, not stopped all day, dinner on the move. So what's new; new people in two engines, another guy in put his name on six cars but short arms long pockets - put me in promise land again ha ha! Ten cars in export scrap spares yard ok - a few gear box engines while they wait and two loads before nine thirty lorry loaded for morning - going for a beer and take away early night i hope — at Spices of Rugby takeaway delivery service

2 May

The best thing to say about today is - is it over? good night ?

3 May

Saturday done another fun filled day you ask yourself why but we do not know better mmm! A few about again sold a few nice parts and tyre ok made up for yesterday what happen yesterday mm you do not want to know - ten cars yesterday and six to day and one van got to look at the one on Monda. Two loads in this morning before nine and loaded for Tuesday looks like working Monday - lots to catch up on out tonight birthday party should be fun need a good laugh - jobs getting to me — at The Butchers Arms, Priors Hardwick

5 May

Well Im here paper work paper work yuk

6 May

Well that the day about over - had good start lost all my gears in the middle of Coventry airport island mmm why do people get so upset, its one of life's problems ten mins later and three light changes and find someone to get me out of there and all it was was a loose bolt on gear change all sorted. Eight cars in four export, the rest scrap - tyres slow yard slow but another guy in again looking hopeful but mess about so much no good for my health and temper ha ha good job I can count to ten million - home lamb chops on barb with a glass of red ? — feeling exhausted.

9 May

Friday sun shining and still working, clients in trying to fill luton van in back with inches too big we now know some Polish swear words but getting there with the hot spanner? About ten cars in and two vans not sure what to do with them yet as just stack them there is always tomorrow - tyres ok lorry loaded, two loads tomorrow - looks like we will be late so take away again ; — feeling wonderful.

11 May

Well here in body not mind, people here looking we will see yes or no is the quest of the day ? — feeling i do not know - hard night.

12 May

Monday Monday same sort of day two loads in and get lorry ready for test on Wednesday always a nightmare mmm;seven cars in all scrap tyres slow weather wet but dry ha ha? clients in again looks hopeful, vans sale slow going home need to catch up on some sleep new day tomorrow

16 May

Had to look at the date is it Friday the thirteen or what? Two forklifts down, pipe gone on machine - lorry half loaded, staff not turn in - happy sunshine? Fourteen cars in some export parts & scrap need to be in early tomorrow lots on yard slow parts wise and tyres the same clients playing a waiting game will they or wont they like playing poker ; think have drinky on way home and take a way ; — feeling lost.

17 May

Saturday about done but container not finished - forklift trouble and car trouble - all in all stress day again but that's what we live on mmm. So in tomorrow two car and a van to do for container then ok - new clients in first thing buying then not buying but got there in the end now have two goats for sale ha ha - things we do! Two loads in before nine, happy days - loaded for Monday. Two loads and clients loading Monday; sun shining think will have beer on the way home then light the barb slow night here early in morning ? — feeling hot at brandon oak wolston.

18 May

Well - day done - container loaded got a lot done home now mow lawn and chill tomorrow another day — feeling accomplished.

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