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November 3rd

Well my two hours at work turned out to be eight, but everything is ready for the morning. I'm at home now ready for paper work time, a nice glass of red would not go a miss. When I got home I heard no noise as I put the key in door and then i realised....ouch the bird has passed away, sad times. I had it twenty years plus, but will not be replacing it. No flowers please! Rest In Peace.

November 5th

Well another day done and what a dull day again; showering this morning with my clothes on. The container was here at 7.30am for engines and my friend is stuck on the train at Milton Keynes la la... so I took a chance and loaded it, got it on its way and he turned up at 11.30 not happy, but all sorted now! There was a lot of people about again today, but we'll see how it goes. There were seven cars in and two vans, all scrap. The lorry is loaded and now it's time to go home, watch footy and eat lamb chops for tea, happy happy mmm!

November 6th

There's not a lot to say about today, just wet wet! There has been six cars in and two vans, all scrap. Tyres were OK, but there's been no one about. lorry is loaded but the front tyre punctured and had to be changed; first for a long time. That's about it and now it's time to think about food, it's been a long day!

November 7th

What a difference a dry day makes! All day there has been people about looking, I think I smiled three times, but don't get excited... it could have been wind. We had some guys in again and although it looks promising, it's like peeling an orange in the pocket with them, ha ha!... we will see! There were four cars today, all scrap and one transit lwb which we will MOT! I had car trouble this morning, the front coil spring broke, not nice at six in the morning but sorted now. Time for a change I think, mmm. It's that day again tomorrow; Friday. It comes round too fast, but onwards and upwards! I have a night in tonight with a rump steak from my friendly butcher, nice. 'Swap for tyres' are us!

November 8th

The day started with the traffic lights out at Coventry airport, it was all down hill from there. The weather was nice and dry but then there was rain and wet again. There's been lots on but slow people wise. We had six cars in, all scrap and tyres ok. I had a man in who is coming back tomorrow, looks hopeful that he will buy some engines, apart from that I don't know. The lorry is loaded, there's two loads tomorrow which means early start, think i'll hit my bed early with no drinky tonight

November 9th

Saturday done, still here washing down my lorry.  Looks like there's going to be a frost, but at least it will be clean. There's not been a lot not on today; my pole didn't turn up so it's been a bit slow but there's still a lot to do around the yard. We had four cars in and one van, all scrap and tyres slow. I'm going for a beer on the way home and then a beef curry. I'll light the fire and read my book, slow night as I need to chill; it's been a hard week again

November 11th

I need to change the record about Mondays but I can't since it's been a bad day again today. Had two staff sick ....mmm and one lorry that wouldn't start, I wonder why someone had borrowed the batteries. Had one van and two cars in today. We didn't have the usual guys turning up to look around and so it's been slow all round including tyres. The lorry is loaded for morning and that's about it. Off home as I must get my paper work sorted and get an early night tonight. It's wet again!

November 12th

Tuesday is over! It's been another hard day but moved some metal and vans. It was a dry all day and got lots done; had three cars and one van in, all scrap, as well as fifty four filling cabinets! Also had some MOT jobs in. I'm off to Northampton now to collect a van, looks like a late night for me but off to the chippy for tea so not all bad. The lorry is loaded for morning for two loads... no rest for the wicked ha ha!

November 14th

Thursday is about done. I rushed here there and everywhere again, is there a light at the end of the tunnel? who knows! ha ha! Am losing it again today. Had two lorrys and a load of filing cabenets again also had six cars, will look what to do with them tomorrow. It's hard now that it gets dark at four thirty. I need a torch on my head to see, what chance have i got when I can't see in daylight! Had a few people about today but all were hard work. Tyres were slow. I had a few promises for tomorrow and so we live in hope! ha ha! I've got that black cloud over my head again. Am off now to spend my lotto win; all fifty pounds of it!... a nice bottle of red I think.

November 15th

Well that's Friday done and so am I! Had a hard hard day... although it could be due to that extra glass of red! will I ever learn? and on a school night too! ha ha! Apart from that, had a few guys in who did not have hands in pockets again. The container is ready to load. Had six cars in, all scrap and few people about. Hopefully the lorry will soon be loaded for morning. I bought a Leyland sweeper lorry which is nice for breaking panels and engine and gear box. Now going home, I think the hair of the dog might help ...mmm.

November 16th

Well that's Saturday done! The container is loaded but not full, we got more in than we thought but it still won't go until Monday. There were some travellers in buying a van earlier, they went to the bank to get the money ...mmm that was at ten O,clock and they are still not back yet! ha ha! Tyres have been ok today but mostly slow with just three cars in, all scrap. The lorry is loaded and I think I'll have a night in this evening with my book and some red again. It's been a long day! Am looking at my winning lotto ticket of £41.50 ...happy days are near yet so far away. hey ho.

November 18th

Well got through Monday ok.. It's been slow but some things to do; eight cars in which were all scrap and lorry is loaded. Ian was eighty years young yesterday, happy days! He is in hospital today, lets hope he is ok and let's hope we are all as fit as him at that age! ha ha!

November 19th

Tuesday, is it Tuesday!? It feels like Friday already. It was hard going again today. Had some travellers in today wanting a price for everything and then verbally abused me when I said things were sold. One tore his shirt off and wanted a fight but then said 'you're not worth it, you're too old'...ouch! that hurt more! ha ha! Had three cars and two vans in today, including a nice Vauxhall Astra, tax, tested and cheap, will do someone a good turn! The lorry is loaded for morning and now I'm going home, the footy is on, a good excuse for a beer!... not that I need one.

November 20th

Wednesday, weather went from overly wet to dry, it must have been cold as I had to wear gloves. I'm feeling the cold... mmm must be getting old! ha ha! It's not been too bad today with some nice people around all filling me with promises and another bottle of vodka! Had seven cars in, all scrap, and one van. The lorry is loaded for morning. I think I'll buy a lotto ticket and then go home.

November 21st

Well Thursday is here again, time just flys when you're having fun! A very non-day today rushing here there and everywhere and don't know where... is there any hope I ask? ha ha! Had three cars in, all export and tyres have been ok. Had two loads in today before nine O'clock! Had some guys in again threatening to take his hands out of his pockets... watch this space! Off home again, won £25 on lotto so nice bottle of red I think and then who knows!

November 22nd

Well got though Friday, just another roller coaster day. Had two loads in before nine again; twenty engines. Few guys in today, nearly took hands out of pockets, they left saying they'd buy tomorrow... they've been saying that all week but they have now put their mark on a few bits. Someone turned up to collect something we had on ebay, there is a god! ha ha! I've not stopped all day but i've got head pain which I call a red wine rush, best not hair of the dog tonight mmm. Had seven cars in and two vans, all scrap. The lorry is loaded and I've got a lot on again tomorrow so it'll be an early start.

November 26

Ok that's Tuesday over. It's been a cold day, think it's time for a jumper as am feeling the cold. It's been a van day today; three vans in, two scrap and one we will MOT. Had one car for scrap so it's been slow again, tyres also slow but probably the time of year. I had another run in with VOSA one ball joint had play in it and I got a seven day notice to fix it and get full MOT again, unfair but that's the price of fame... or something. ha ha! Onwards and up wards! Few guys in which looked hopeful. The container is booked for Friday and we're about ready for that. Had a few people looking today that are starting to say 'after the holidays'... what holidays? Am I missing something here? bah humbug! The lorry is loaded for morning. Time for home now and footy is on the box, i'll light the fire and have a nice glass of something and chill ...mmm.

November 27th

What day is it? Was another rushed, here-and-there day. Seems like all doom and gloom everywhere you go but we're getting there. Had seven cars in, three export the rest scrap. Had a few guys in and so looking good. Tyres were ok, lorry is loaded and looks good for tomorrow, about ready for container. I think i'll have early night as I'm feeling sleepy and have an early start tomorrow. Steak for tea... mmm sad or what!

November 28th

Thursday is about done. It's been another eventful day, fun fun! Had lots on. Some guys in saying they will buy my 815 Mercedes box van, looks hopeful. Another customer was getting near to him taking his hands out of his pockets... watch this space! ha ha! You can tell it's getting near the end of month; people sell cars as they cannot find money to tax them! Had nine cars in and four vans, some export, two sales and the rest scrap. Had two loads in this morning, was a bit hairy in the fog but winter's here, so they say! I'm concreting tomorrow, the lorry is loaded and will do container in morning... have to get the whip out! Off now to collect my lotto win, what can I buy? I think something red again happy days!

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