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30th November

Here again, all the locks are frozen on the gate! No sign of the dog ha ha, the lucky girl is stuck to her heater, some guard dog she is when it is cold!! Ha ha. The lorry started full of frost but the road was not too bad, happy days.


24th November

What a day! I wish I did not say that, but that's the way it is here never a dull moment. I went to fetch a small lorry from near Leamington and was told it was okay to drive, but when I got there it had one flat tyre, had not been started for a year and had no windscreen! Not to be put off, we always get our lorry, we put the jump pack on and changed the tyre, then she started just like that so I thought we will drive it back it was okay until it started raining and the wipers on my glasses stop working ha ha, but got her home okay. The container has been done by 4pm, that's a record, thank goodness I did not face another late night. It's been a good day on tyres, I sold a car and some small parts but not a lot as the weather is rubbish!.

Vehicles in today: A Ford Fiesta Encore for scrap, a Ford Mondeo LX for spares, a Mazda 323F sport for spares nice car, a lorry road runner 8.13 for spares nice no plat big 765.

I've got my new skip lorry today, nice! Cannot wait to try it loaded ready for Monday… boys and their toys mmm. I shall i sleep tonight ha ha how old am I? Well, fed the dog and I'm off now to cash my winning on the lotto all £3.20 of it! Ha ha


20th November

What a damp miserable day, rain and more rain!! Not a lot on today which is good with the  day as it is but still loaded the bins, sorted engines out for export. It's so dark now in the mornings and then when you go home, I'm not happy and every one talks about it will soon be xmas mmm ha ha.

Cars in today: A Volkswagen Polo for scrap, a Ford Escort Finess for scrap, a Peugeot 206 for scrap.

Vans  in today: A Citroen Berlingo for spares it has a good engine, a LDV Convoy Tipper for spares, a Vaulxhall Combo Merit 775 diesel for spares, a lorry Ford Cargo house box for spares and that's it for today. I'm going home to dry out and chill, I can feel a drinky coming on mmm


16th November

I've had an eventful day today, I apprehended the petrol thief this morning! Chased him for half a mile, me and the dog ha ha. I did not know how fit I was then the police came and took him away, so lets hope that's the end of that. Had a few people in later on but not a lot on but all ready for the container tomorrow. It's been a good day for tyres and the bin has been loaded for tomorrow for collection, so home we go and no stops on the way. Its been one of those hard days again.


8th November

Where has the day gone?! I've not stopped since six this morning, I've got a container coming tomorrow and I'm  rushing to get it ready. There are six Toyota Hi Lux in ready for the container plus six half cuts and engines to get read.

Cars in today: Renault Espase for spares, a Volkswagen Passat for spares, Vauxhall Corsa for spares, a Ford Focus for spares,a Peugeot Boxer for spares, an LDV Pilot for spares, a Mercedes Sprinter for spares.

A lorry has been loaded, I've got two loads tomorrow hopefully! It has been a slow day in the yard and there haven't been a lot of tyres or bods about but I've got a lot on other wise and hey ho it's  Friday tomorrow again.


1st November

That's Thursday done!! Cold and wet and I had a lot on today that, it's raining but you have to do what you have to be. I loaded two bins ready for the morning, there were not a lot of bodies in but the few that were in bought good parts. I sold a Ford Escort car X reg and part exchnaged a van, it wasn't in bad condition for the time of the month but nice car.

Vans in today: Two Ford Transit 100 swb nice engines but rest scrap, a Fiat Scudo el diesel 03 plate nice, it needa an M,OT and then its ready for sale sell, an LDV convoy pickup scrap, a Nissan Vanette nice full MOT, will sell £1395, a Renault Trafic t100 for scrap.

Cars in today: A Peugeot 306 for spares, a Volkswagen Golf for spares and a Ford Mondeo for spares.

I'm going home to dry out, it's been a hard day hmm.

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