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October 8th

So that’s Tuesday gone in a flash! Had loads to load before nine and dentist at nine thirty… ouch! I’m sure he’s in to pain; my pain. I saw him smiling as he dragged me off the ceiling! I was only there for a check up and all ok, ha ha. Seven cars in and two vans scrap export and that’s about it. It’s been slow in the yard; few people, no tyres today but a few lookers in so there’s always hope. Lorry loaded for morning and the sun been shining all day, but not on me... mmm I wish it had been.

October 18th

Friday again, I’ve got men at the door again wishing me a good weekend or something… ha ha. Well, today was no bad day, still slow but got container loaded by four and lorry has already been and collected, that's a record! The lorry is loaded for morning and there’s two loads and four collections booked tomorrow. Tyres were ok today, as I say, little but often. Off to do my shopping and have a night in tonight. Door locked, head down and need to chill, hard week again! — Feeling hungry.

October 19th

Saturday done, it’s been so slow with nobody about until late and then a small rush. That was it so have hidden my boot laces …ha ha! Just around closing time I managed to sell a van, customer left a small deposit and will collect Friday, must admit it gave me a touch of wind… or was it a smile? There were six cars in all and scrap lorry loaded for Monday. I had a good clean up and yard is looking ok for the powers that be and that’s about it. Day off tomorrow will work at home now that ‘rake up leaf time winter’ is about.

October 21st

Who invented Mondays? ouch! Another day from hell; not a thing went right today! Where to start?… no, I’m not even going to go there. I’ll just lock up and go home and start again tomorrow… think positive!

October 22nd

Tuesday done, not a bad day! Got a lot done; five cars in and one van, all scrap. Got two vans away and lorry loaded for morning, the day just flew by although tyres still slow. That ‘s it for today, home now.

October 23rd

Half way through the week again, time just flies by and I wish I was having a good time, ha ha just being realistic it’s ok. Had a lot on today again, people every where, but are they spending or selling?.... time will tell! I have two guys in looking to buy engines and one lot of seats for a mini bus. It’s the sixth time they’ve been in trying it on the price… mmm we’ll see! Today had six cars in scrap, one van scrap and tyres were ok today. The lorry is loaded for morning and I’ve got two vans to look at on the way home. That will be it.

October 24th

Thursday is still here! A man coming for an axle said he was just at Tipton and would be here in ten minuets! ha ha, I thought, is it a plane your in mister? But the axle is still on so I just need to cut it off and then Ive got a few guys in for bumper head light wing for a boxer van say a lion ran out it front of him and broke it, yes I believe that but it has been a slow day so had to be done. Three vans in, all scrap and four car exports, tyres have been slow but got a lot done. The lorry is loaded and I think it’s the chippy for me tonight… oh dear, two laps round the block for me tomorrow morning!

October 26th

What happen to Friday? mmm let’s forget about that. Saturday is about done. I have one car to do for bucket and then have a load for Monday. I’ve been out in a ten tonner recovering a new toy; a tractor. It was a bit tricky as it has not been moved for five years! It was covered in brambles with two flat tyres and one tyre was missing off the front bur. One hour later it was on the back and safe. It’s nice to use your brain on some think else. So today we had six cars in, one van and one tractor, all scrap. It’s been a good tyre day and not bad on spares either. That’s that, out to night in Leamington for a few beers… we will see how it goes mmm.

October 28th

Monday again, I was stuck at the toll road and spent three hours watching lights change fifteen times and never moved once. They shut the A45 northbound and just let every on to fight it out. There was just one police car and I think he was asleep …or was he checking tax disk? Apart from that it’s been a slow day with just five cars in, all scrap. A couple of regulars in again but as before… long pockets and short arms! However, it’s fun to talk to them. It ‘s dark already so going home to chill.

October 29th 

Tuesday is about done. It’s been slow again; did not see any one until about two O’clock and then there was a big rush about nothing. In saying that I made some small sales, tyres were ok and had four cars in, all scrap. Also had one Mercedes 815 horsebox… nice! Mmm it would do good turns for someone. Lorry is loaded for morning and container booked for tomorrow; I’m about ready for it. I have also had some men in from South Africa looking to buy engines and parts and want to load one container a month from here… mmm we will see! That’s it for now, thinking about the nice bit of steak that I swopped for a tyre which I will have for my tea, mmm! Sad or what!?

October 30th

You know when your day is going to ‘yuk!’ First you wake up, look at the clock and think is says five O’clock and you panic that you’re late, run down stairs and the clock actually says three O’clock …mmm, sad! Then you go to the garage and you press the button for the remote controlled door and it won’t open, ouch! One hour later it opened after some very French words! I could see the gas axe coming over but we got there. Then our first customer was a guy who bought some engines six months ago and wanted to give them back? We won’t even go there, but basically I lost a friend! It’s been busy car and van wise as it’s the end of the month and tax discs are running out so people are selling. Had ten cars and three vans today, I’ll see what I can do with them. The people who bring the container cannot deliver until three O’clock tomorrow which puts us all behind! The lorry is loaded for morning. Tyres have been slow but sold a taco to someone in the South of France, although he thinks he can just put it in the car and go, wishful thinking! Feeling sorry for myself so I think I’ll buy a lotto ticket since it can only get better!

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