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22nd October 2012

Monday started well everything was going to plan, things were going too good ha ha then… three staff phoned in sick!! The youth of today, so I went out in the lorry collecting so I had no time to worry about anything else, but things were all good, mmm! Then I got on the machine to load the shell for the morning run then suddenly no drive, I was thinking the worse and then looked down and the pipe has gone and three hundred pounds of oil was on the floor!! Just got it fixed, I'm now covered in oil and it's raining so I'm going home I've had it with today! However in all that I did sell a van! :D


17th October 2012

There's a black cloud following me a round, today I can not do anything right!! I'm in a right strop, but who cares I bought three cars and thought I payed for three and there were only two when checked them! I tried to ring but no reply, there's a surprise!! I just got going on the machine and the hose went and covered me in oil, well at least I won't be going rusty ha ha.

Cars in today: A Nissan Primera for spares, a Nissan Almera for spares, a Renault Megane for spares, an Alfa Romeo for spares, an Austin Metro for spares, a Peugeot 406 for spares and a Rover 214 for scrap.

Vans in today: A Renault Mastere 35dci, a Fiat Deucato jtd for spares, a Nissan Vanette for spares, a Mercedes Vito for spares, a Vauxhall Combo on gas for spares.

It's been a good day on tyres, slow on parts and that's me done. I'm off now, might just go for good I do not know!! Ha ha


4th October 2012

Friday is here again, what a week I've had! I just do not no where they go the days just fly by!! I've had a good one today, selling a van on ebay. The man said he was from Bristol and asked what the  price was, and we agreed on it. He said take it off ebay and that he would come and pay for it. Then at two o'clock he says he is at the station and asks for the full address as he will get a taxi to us ha ha! We are still waiting for him. What do they get out of doing things like this, I'm amazed at what they get out of it, it's a good job that I take it all with a pinch of salt and nothings sold until the payment it made.

Cars in today: A Renault Espace for spares, a Ford Escort for scrap, a Citroen Saxo for spares, a Sarbo N99 for spares.

Vans in today: A Ford Escort - nice roof rack with MOT and sell 51 plate.

That's my lot, still full of cold :(
Will go home and try and drown it with something long and wet mmmm.


1st October 2012

Monday is here again, it's the 1st of October! Where has the time gone?! I've had two texts from workers who are sick and not coming in, what is it with Monday mornings? I was here early but fly tippers have been and dumped three sofas and builders rubbish in the lane!! Where do they come from and what do they think?

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