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30th September

As if it couldn't get any better, after getting home early I found that Charley Trents had dug up the gas pipe next door and I was told we had half an hour to get out or we would be stuck here for five hrs!! The smell of gas was strong... and no, it was not caused by last night's curry! So the workmen happily went about closing the lane early which meant no one could come in or out and stopped the trains for a while... all good fun! but loads of business again! happy days! The good thing is that I'm ok with the Environmental Health Officer until the end of next month. Concrete is ok and had four cars in, but lorry hasn't been loaded so i'll be in early to load up.

28th September

lar lar, that's my Saturday over and we had lots of cars in because it's the end of the month; everyone's tax has run out and they can't afford to renew it or get an MOT... may be a sign of the times? There are a few about, its slow work but got a lot done. I have the Environmental Health Officer coming on Monday morning to look around... happy days! Also concrete at eight on Monday morning. Should be fun! lets hope we have a full crew in. Might have to work tomorrow for a few hours, no rest for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way. ha ha what am I saying? that said, it's time for a drink at home now, I think 'T bone' red wine and let's see what comes up mmm

27th September

Friday done. Thought I was having a good day mmm... the hose went on a machine, I'm now covered in oil. Not nice, not smiling now! Apart from that it's been slow again; not a lot on. Sold a starter for a Berlingo van, took half hour to take off and now customer says it was not what he wanted and brought it back asking for a refund. happy days! Just managed to load the lorry for the morning, one van in scrap and two cars for parts and that's that. Have to go home and have a oil change, so home alone and a drinky. Need to chill!

26th September

I say this every Thursday but - it's here again! Time is just flying by; you get here Monday and before you know it the end of the week is here! I had to rush about today again and can't think what I've done ha ha. Three vans and four cars all scrap and the lorry is loaded for the morning. Been slow on tyres, had two exports in but they were only looking 'I will be back' ...mmm. Got to go to Bedworth to look at a lorry on the way home so it looks like the chippy for my tea.

25th September

Another eventful day, a bit of movement but still slow. Went out in a lorry down the A14 to rescue a damsel in distress who had a water problem ha ha. Lorry is now just loaded for the morning. Had two vans in export and two cars for scrap. Also had a man in from Nigeria, not seen him for two years but he is back buying, mmm we will see. Think I'll have beer on way home, nice.

24th September

mmm, what a difference a day makes! I rush here there and everywhere and still don't know where I've been. There were a few people about today but they all had long pockets and short arms! Had seven cars in, all scrap and two export. Thought I'd sold a car but couldn't get it insured so got all excited for nothing... that's the story of my life at the moment mmm ha ha! lorry loaded for the morning and that's it, off home for a slow night and a small drinky.

23rd September

It's been one of those day again, so slow! Container gone and lorry loaded but not much else. Theres been three cars, one van in and two staff off ill... mmm that's about it.
Had a few people looking at a car, one looked hopeful. That's it, off home early. mmm Monday Monday blues ha ha!

21st September

Saturday, done container and loaded. It hasn't been a bad day; went well for a change, now I am worried ha ha! Got a lot done, moving things around ready for next visit from
the powers that be, I'll get it right one day... mmm. Six cars in today, export. Off to Billing Aquadrome to pick up a car, hope I don't get lost ha ha!... and then my day is done!

20th September

Friday done! everyone must be golfing this afternoon, so slow! few tyres but not much else. Container is here and ok for the morning. Three cars in, one export and that's about it. The lorry is loaded for the morning. Going home tonight with a takeaway and a slow beer, hard week again — feeling hungry!

19th September

Thursday is about done and it's Friday tomorrow again, where has the week gone? what do they say? Time flies by when you’re having fun!? mmm. I'm missing out somewhere! All ready for loading container, should be easy as all are engines and the weather men says it's going to be good, fingers crossed! lorry loaded for morning but it's still slow in yard. Had some export in, looks hopeful for tomorrow. Home now, food's calling!

18th September

That's Wednesday out of the way, slow again but container booked for Friday is about ready. There has been three cars in, plus one caravan, all scrap. lorry loaded and that's it. Thinking about my dinner, lamb chops mmm. It's been a long day, feeling unlucky so will buy a lotto ticket ha ha.

17th September

Tuesday is over and the song for today is 'singing in the rain' mmm. It's been wet wet wet and slow. No one about much just tyre kickers in today asking 'just one question, how much is this?', 'how much is that?' and 'must ask the wife' or 'just going to cash point' ha ha cash point must be in Glasgow cos we're still waiting people!! Today had three cars in scrap and three vans in scrap, tyres ok. Off now to dry out and have something nice to warm me up.

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