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26th September 2012

Well the lorry has been loaded for the morning, I've had a lot on again today had a new division in from Pakistan and brought a load of transit axles engines, a Bedford engine and box, a Ford Cargo that's running nice and has had a polish. I've bought some spinter springs props and transit springs lights.

Cars and Vans in today: Nissan Primera for spares, Mercedes e320 CDI for export, Peugot 307 04 for spares, a Fiat Punto SX 60 for spares, a Citroen Berlingo van with a nice engine for spares and that it not bad day at all! I think I smiled twice today or was it wind?! We will never no ha ha.


20th September 2012

Well another full on day! I had to polish and load three cars and one half cut Renault Master early this morning so I could send my guy away. He says it takes him two days to get home, best of luck to him but I'm alright for vodka haha as he gave me two. I think I will have to get a taste for it or have a bath in it mmm. Had some men in from Ghana, they were hard work but I sold them ten engines for a Honda, Toyota and VW so that's okay.

Cars in today: Vauxhall Astra 16v for spares, a Vauxhall Vectra for spares, an MG ZR for scrap, a Fiat Brava 80 for spares, a Ford Fiesta Ghia with MOT, nice!! A BMW 320 H reg - nice low miles & tax not sure what to do with it. A VW Golf for spares, a Vauxhall Bellmont for spares

Vans in today: Renault Master 51 plate for spares, a Transit Smiley for scrap and that's it for the day, the lorry is loaded, it's Friday tomorrow! Where has the week gone?!


17th September 2012

I've had a good start to the day, my hose man has gone on his hols, so i've had to travel to Southam at double the price, ouch!! But still got the load in before midday. Sold a few parts today but not a lot going on, I had visitors again in the night!! They drilled four tanks and must have got ten pounds of petrol, but also did next doors lorries and drain three tanks, so the police have been here here and gave me a crime number. Happy days!

Cars in today: A Peugeot 306 turbo for spares, a Honda Civic for spares, a Ford Gals for spares, a Renault Espace with an engine in the back for scrap, and about one ton of steel for scrap.

The accountant has been here all day as he says "cooking the books" mmmm we will see. Well i'm off to Coventry to look at a horse box and an old Ford, should be interesting then home.


11th september 2012

There's not a lot to say today, just a wave your arms in the air and say what ever! Ha ha!

Cars today: Rover Metro SOLD, Nissan Primera for spares, Peugeot 206 for spares.

Vans today: Citroen Berlingo 1.9 51 plate for sales.

I had a lot of lookers, no sales today but a lot of see you tomorrow's and there is a chill in the air! So of to Leicester now.


5th september 2012

We wish you a happy Wednesday ha ha! Where did the day go?! I've been here since six am and the day has gone,  before you know it, it's six pm!! Loaded again for the morning life flies by when your having fun… not! Today hasn't been too bad, only raised my voice twice but again the customer is always right. I've got a lot done and i'm nearly ready to fill the container for the weekend, tyres not so good today but steady.

Cars in today: MG GT Sports 1997 in a sorry state will look at again, Vauxhall Vectra DTI diesel 52 plate for  spares, Peugeot 406 HDI for spares, VW Golf for spares, Renault 19 for scrap, Suzuki Swift for scrap,

Vans in today: Renault Trafic no engine but good panels.

Lorries:  Layland DAF 85 for spares.

That's it for now, me and Ted bear going to have a barbeque, got the heater working should be fun! That's if the mozes do not get me mmm


1st September 2012

5.30pm on a Saturday and i'm still in the chair, all work and no play makes John a dull boy, so the say but needs must! I've been rushing about all day again, i've loaded one 40ft box body on a trailer. It was entertaining the forklift, it would not lift so I had to get the big machine and on it went happy days!! Then I sorted the filing cabinets, all scrap but nice load so not to bad.

Cars today all brought to the gate: Volkswagen Polo for scrap, Vauxhall Corsa 1.1995 tax test two months £395, Rover 620 si for spares, Ford Focus Zetec for spares, Toyota Corolla for spares, Van Renault Master good for parts and tyres. It has been a fair day, that's it for now I might try one in smithy and see what comes up haha! Private joke.

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